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Developing capacity and competence in the Better Beginnings, Better Futures communities: Short-term findings report

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Peters, R. DeV.; Arnold, R.; Petrunka, K.; Angus, D. E.; Brophy, K.; Burke, S. O.; Cameron, G.; Evers, S.; Herry, Y.; Levesque, D.; Pancer, S.M.; Roberts-Fiati, G.; Towson, S. & Warren, W. K.
Publication Date: 
31 Aug 2000

The Ontario Better Beginnings, Better Futures Project is a prevention project for young children and their families living in eight disadvantaged neighbourhoods throughout the province. The report begins by briefly reviewing the current state of knowledge concerning prevention programs for young children, and then describes how the Project was developed and implemented in each of the eight demonstration sites from 1991 to 1998. Short-term outcome results from this period are then presented, and the implications of these findings discussed.