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First Ministers communiqué on early childhood development

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First Ministers of Canada
Press release
Publication Date: 
11 Sep 2000

On September 11, 2000, First Ministers (with the exception of Québec's) agree to an Early Childhood Development Initiative for Canada's children.

Focussing on children and their families, from the prenatal period to age six, the objectives of this early childhood development initiative are:

- to promote early childhood development so that, to their fullest potential, children will be physically and emotionally healthy, safe and secure, ready to learn, and socially engaged and responsible; and

- to help children reach their potential and to help families support their children within strong communities.

To meet the objectives set out above, First Ministers agree on four key areas for action:

1. Promote healthy pregnancy, birth and infancy
2. Improve parenting and family supports
3. Strengthen early childhood development, learning and care
4. Strengthen community supports.