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NDP Federal Council resolution on child care

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NDP Federal Council
Publication Date: 
16 Sep 2000

Text available below.

Emergency resolution: child care

WHEREAS early childhood development and education benefits all children and society as a whole, and lays the foundation for future success and a healthy population; and

WHEREAS access to quality, affordable, childhood education and care is severely limited by the lack of any national program, despite years of promises by the federal government; and

WHEREAS Canadian families need programs that expand and support real parental choices; and

WHEREAS the recently announced Early Childhood Development Program falls far short of any expectation for a timely national plan that is comprehensive, integrated, accessible and adequately funded,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the NDP actively and publicly support a comprehensive family policy that includes universal, not for-profit, affordable, accessible, quality early childhood care and education services as the centrepiece of a National Children's Agenda that is adequately funded, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that, to this end, the federal NDP work to ensure that every community in every region of the country has holistic early childhood services that incorporate pre and post natal care, early learning and child care, and supports parents both at home and in the labour market, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Federal NDP urge the federal government to play a leadership role in formulating a national child care strategy, by co-ordinating the actions of the different partners (provincial governments, parents and communities, child care professionals) and by contributing substantial funding to increase child care services that are national in scope and vision.