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A vision for child care and development in Manitoba

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Manitoba Child Day Care Regulatory Review Committee
government document
Publication Date: 
1 Feb 2001

This paper is the result of the work of Manitoba's Child Day Care Regulatory Review Committee. The Committee makes recommendations to government for improvements to the child care system that will support responsive, stable and high-quality early childhood care and education for Manitoba's children, families and communities.

The Committee identifies four key elements considered integral to further developing our child care system:

- universality
- accessibility
- affordability
- high-quality.


The Manitoba government is seeking public input on a new document prepared by the Manitoba Child Day Care Regulatory Review Committee, Family Services and Housing Minister Tim Sale announced today.

"A vision for child care and development in Manitoba" was prepared by the committee at the request of the government to help promote serious discussion on the future of the Manitoba child care system. The report sets out elements that should be addressed as child care services evolve, and recommends possible actions for building a more accessible, affordable and high quality system.

"By providing an additional $9.1 million in the most recent budget, we took direct action on the committee's recommendation to stabilize the current child care system which was a major step forward within the public resources available," Sale said. "The committee continues to do an excellent job of identifying key issues and ideas that will help foster further discussions on the future of child care."

The committee's report focuses on six main components of the child care system:

- standards and quality care
- funding
- training and professionalism
- governance
- integrated service delivery
- public education.

The current system has almost 23,000 licensed child care spaces in nursery schools, infant, preschool and school age centres, and family care homes. The committee's recommendations include regular increases in public support over a three to five-year period to make child care more affordable for families.

"Our government is committed to have Manitoba continue to be a leader in efforts to ensure quality early childhood care and education," Sale said. "Now I'm looking forward to hearing from parents, caregivers, concerned citizens and other groups. Their views will assist in shaping the future of these important policies and services in our province."

The Child Day Care Regulatory Review Committee has 24 representatives from the child care community, including parents, child care providers, training institutions, social services organizations and departmental staff.

Copies of the vision paper are being sent to all child care facilities, social services agencies, school divisions, regional health authorities and public libraries. An electronic version of the document is also available on the government Web site.

Sale said he encourages Manitobans to review the vision document and send written feedback by May 1 to:

Department of Family Services and Housing
Child Day Care
102-114 Garry St.
Winnipeg, MB
R3C 1G1