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Delivering for children and families [England]

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Strategy Unit
government document
Publication Date: 
6 Nov 2002

Available in print for order (see SOURCE) and online for download.

Excerpted from report:

This report is an inter-departmental child care review published by the Strategy Unit. The report discusses measures to ensure affordable, good quality child care provision is accessible to everyone.

This report is only applicable to England, and is structured as follows:

- Chapter 1 provides the executive summary.

- Chapter 2 sets out the context for the review, current Government initiatives and spending, and outlines the key remaining challenges.

- Chapter 3 sets out the role of child care in meeting the needs of families, especially in supporting employment opportunity and tackling child poverty. It concludes by setting out the building blocks for achieving the Government's vision of a child care market where every parent can access affordable, good quality child care.

- Chapter 4 examines the role of different types and qualities of child care in enhancing child outcomes. It identifies the steps the Government will take to transform the way services are delivered to meet its longer-term aim of establishing a children's centre in every one of the 20 per cent most deprived wards.

- Chapter 5 describes the important role that schools will play in meeting the vision, and the measures that will be taken to promote the availability of child care in and around schools.

- Chapter 6 makes the case for reforming the infrastructure and performance management regime, and describes the steps that Government will take to co-ordinate responsibility for child care, early years and Sure Start at a local and central level.

-Chapter 7 summarises the conclusions from the review and the measures that Government will take.