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Recruitment and retention of childcare, early years and playworkers: Research study

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Rolfe, Heather; Metcalf, Hilary; Anderson, Tracy & Meadows, Pamela
Publication Date: 
1 Jan 2003

Description: This report presents the findings of a predominately qualitative study of recruitment and retention of childcare, early years and play workers. The Department for Education and Skills commissioned the study to identify issues surrounding recruitment and retention, from the experience and perspective of Early Years Development and Childcare Partnerships (EYDCPs), childcare providers and workers themselves. The study was intended to inform the national recruitment campaign by identifying successful and less successful approaches to the recruitment and retention of childcare workers, by EYDCPs and providers, and by obtaining childcare workers' own perspectives on the features of the work which drew them to the sector and encourage them to remain. A central aim of the study was to find examples of good practice which other Partnerships and providers might use to improve recruitment and retention rates.