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National Child Benefit progress report: 2001

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Federal/Provincial/Territorial Ministers Responsible for Social Services
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Publication Date: 
31 May 2002
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Excerpted from abstract:

The National Child Benefit (NCB) is a joint initiative of Canada's federal, provincial and territorial governments designed to prevent and reduce the depth of child poverty, support parents as they move into the labour market and reduce duplication and overlap of government programs. The NCB is part of a broader child benefit system, which includes provincial and territorial child benefit programs and the Canada Child Tax Benefit. This report focuses only on the NCB initiative. Under the NCB Governance and Accountability Framework, federal, provincial and territorial governments committed to reporting on the performance of the NCB initiative annually. This is the third NCB Progress Report published to date. This report describes progress toward the NCB goals since the initiative's inception. It includes: - an update on general trends up to 1999 - information on the direct impacts of the NCB for 1999 - an overview of the Canada Child Tax Benefit and the NCB Supplement - an update on provincial, territorial, First Nations and Citizenship and Immigration Canada's NCB expenditures for 1999-2000 and 2000-2001 and estimates for 2001- 2002.