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Three year review: Social Union Framework Agreement

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Federal/Provincial/Territorial Ministerial Council on Social Policy Renewal
government document
Publication Date: 
1 Jun 2003

Available online for download.

Excerpts from report:

On February 4, 1999, First Ministers (except the Premier of Quebec) signed A Framework to Improve the Social Union for Canadians. This Agreement, which has since become known as the Social Union Framework Agreement (SUFA), was based on mutual respect between orders of government and reflected governments' desire and willingness to work more closely together to meet the needs of Canadians.

The public consultations component of the three year review included three regional roundtables (in Saskatoon, Ottawa, and Moncton) at which participants were able to express their views on SUFA and its implementation.

The report is divided into sections that follow the same order as SUFA. Each section summarizes the undertakings of governments, reviews the progress made to date in meeting the provisions of that section, and provides recommendations on best practices or improvements to the implementation of the Agreement.