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Meeting the child care challenge: Daycare Trust conference presentations

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Daycare Trust
Publication Date: 
11 Nov 2003

Excerpts from conference brochure

Child care is high up the agenda of media and policymakers, planners and providers, nationally and locally. Debate has highlighted issues around the status of child care, the cost and quality of child care and the number of places available, and the expanding workforce.

National policies have focused on developing child care services in the 20% most disadvantaged areas. What has been the impact of the national child care strategy on the ground? And who really has a say about local child care provision?

Daycare Trust's annual conference will present the initial findings of the Child care Challenge project. It will be a unique opportunity to listen to parents, debate with policymakers and to influence the Treasury's review of child care.

Powerpoint presentations include:

  • Developing child care for today's Ireland
    by Pauline Moreau, Director, Child care Directorate

  • All our children
    by Peter Moss, Professor of Early Childhood Provision, Thomas Coram Research Unit

  • Bridging the gap: Developing a child care strategy for families with disabled children
    by Philippa Russell, Council for Disabled Children

  • Sefton Early Years and Child Care Council
    by Jonathon Wilding, Deputy Head, Sefton Early Years and Child Care Service.