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Personal security index 2003: A reflection of how Canadians feel five years later

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Tsoukalis, Spyridoula and MacKenzie, Andrew
Publication Date: 
3 Nov 2003

Excerpt from press release

The Personal Security Index (PSI) 2003 was released today, revealing that although Canadians have a little more spending money in their pockets and more confidence in their job security, they are less satisfied with the ability of their incomes to meet their basic needs ­ and increasingly anxious about Canada's health and social safety nets.

Canadians are also finding it difficult to balance work, personal and family commitments. PSI found that less than a quarter of Canadians felt that they could always balance their different commitments. Troubles balancing commitments are clearly linked to stress: among those who said they could never balance their commitments, reported being extremely stressed, compared to among those who said they could always balance those commitments.

"A sense of security requires more than an adequate income, or even job security. It requires support from services such as child care, education and affordable housing, and some accommodations in the workplace such as more flexible and reasonable workloads," says Tsoukalas, senior researcher at the CCSD and author of the report.