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Child care and its impact on children 0­-2 years of age

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Commenting: Belsky, Howes, and Owens
Andersson, Bengt-Erik
Fact sheet
Publication Date: 
20 Nov 2003
Excerpts from report:

Three highly respected researchers have written papers for the CEECD about child care and its impact on young children, aged 0­-2. This topic has enjoyed vigorous debate among both the general public and researchers as a large proportion of mothers with young children are currently working outside home - some by choice, others, out of necessity. Most parents are therefore concerned with the following questions:

- What should I do with my child when I am not at home?
- Will it hurt my child if I work outside of the home?


- Child care and its impact on young children (0-­2)
by Jay Belsky

- The impact of child care on young children (0­-2)
by Carollee Howes

- Child care and the development of young children (0-2)
by Margaret Tresch Owen