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Improving the health of Canadians

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Canadian Population Health Initiative (CPHI)
Publication Date: 
25 Feb 2004

Available in print for order (see SOURCE) and online for download.

Report from the Canadian Population Health Initiative (CPHI) takes stock of enduring inequalities in health in Canada, including among children, Aboriginal peoples and low-income Canadians. Improving the Health of Canadians focuses on why some Canadians are healthy and others are not; and underscores some of the choices communities face in creating more equal opportunities for good health.

The report reviews how income and health are linked and examines the tendency of Canadians to have poorer health at low levels of income. The report also looks at three other issues: obesity, the health of Aboriginal peoples and early childhood development. For each issue, the report examines the latest research on what factors influence Canadians' health&emdash;and the implications of policy choices on health.

Note: See chapter 3 on "Early Childhood Development" for information about ECEC and health.