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Private sector can meet child care demands

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Fraser forum, March issue
Taylor, Peter Shawn
Publication Date: 
1 Mar 2004

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Excerpts from article:

"[The author argues that] government policies can lead to an inefficient allocation of resources within the licenced child care sector. If the supply of regulated day care spaces is indeed a concern, advocates should be promoting a greater role for the private sector...

Domestic and international experience, as well as common sense, suggest that the private sector will always be more efficient at allocating scarce child care resources than the public sector. In Canada, provinces that allow commercial operators to participate in fee subsidy and grant programs spend less per regulated child care space than those provinces that discriminate against private operations. And when provided with a choice between for-profit and not-for profit centres, parents do not appear to share the aversion some governments display towards private sector child care. If the supply of child care is a problem and government funding a constraint, then the solution lies in encouraging greater private sector participation."


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Full paper in pdf.

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