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Seeing and solving the child care crisis: Options for progress

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Child Care Advocacy Association of Canada
Publication Date: 
16 Jan 2004

Available in print for order (see SOURCE) and online for download.

Excerpts from invitation and full report:

Over the coming year, CCAAC will be guiding a process of child care consultations across Canada using their discussion paper, "Seeing and solving the child care crisis: Options for progress". CCAAC wants to collectively develop a strategy that ensures every child in Canada has access to high quality, publicly funded child care.

Options for Progress looks at eight policy lessons that came out of an OECD four-year study of early learning and child care services in 12 countries. The discussion paper outlines options for child care policy and poses challenging questions to address policy gaps and identify priorities.

The CCAAC will organize opportunities for child care and social policy activists to respond to the paper. We actively encourage feedback to gather the widest possible input on the description of the challenges facing child care and the public strategy remedies to address them.

The hope is the discussion and resulting paper will reach out to the child care community, governments and the public to spark action for child care. Our goal is to ensure every child is entitled to high quality, publicly funded child care. We are seeking practical answers to big questions.

- What would a pan-Canadian policy framework contain?
- How would it promote quality?
- What would it cost?
- What accountability mechanisms would be required?
- How can it be regionally sensitive while ensuring every child in Canada has equal access?

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