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Tackling the human deficit: Investing in children and families in Ontario

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Brief to the Ontario Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs
Barata, Pedro and Hughes, Colin
Publication Date: 
9 Feb 2004

Excerpts from press release: In pre-budget hearings today, Campaign 2000 called on the Provincial government to make social investments in comprehensive policies to tackle child poverty its priority, and, concurrently, to ensure that the fiscal capacity of the province is restored to meet these commitments. The presentation highlighted the fact that even as Ontario's economy steamed ahead and prosperity soared, poverty retained its stubborn hold on more than 350,000 children. Campaign 2000 is calling for a package of measures that would restore public services and advance policies in areas that are key to addressing child and family poverty, including: employment oriented policies, early childhood education and care, affordable housing, child benefits and improvements to social assistance. … Quality child care: The first step is for the Ontario government to restore regulated child care funding to 1995 levels immediately - estimated at $160 million loss. It should additionally review how federal ECDI funds are spent in Ontario with a view to developing a comprehensive system and is linked to the education system. Ontario should also work with the federal government to substantially enhance investments under the Multilateral Framework on Early Learning and Child Care.