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Hell and high water

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Scarth, Todd (Editor)
Book / booklet
Publication Date: 
27 Apr 2004

Complete book available in print for order (see SOURCE). Chapter three available online for download.

Excerpts from press release:

Canadians remember Paul Martin as the man who slew the deficit dragon "come hell or high water. " He fulfilled that promise by making the largest non-military public program cuts in Canadian history.

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives today released "Hell and high water," the most comprehensive assessment to date of the new Prime Minister's record as Finance Minister and its implications for the future. Ten policy experts examine major aspects of his record-debt and deficit, tax, economic, social, environmental, federal-provincial, and international.

Paul Martin has promised as one of his top priorities, to repair the damage to Canada's social foundations, which, ironically, is also a legacy of his budgets. Where will he take the country? How will Paul Martin, Prime Minister, be different from Paul Martin, Finance Minister? Will his deficit hero image hold up as the era of fiscal surpluses continues in ever starker contrast to the reality of crumbling public infrastructure. How long will the cold comfort of small government--his most important legacy to date--be tolerable as the price to pay for the social disintegration of the last decade? Hell and High Water seeks to shed light on these questions.