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Keep the child care promises

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Child Care Advocacy Association of Canada
Press release
Publication Date: 
29 Jun 2004

Excerpts: Child care advocates and families from coast to coast to coast expect the governing parties to keep their child care platform promises to Canada's children. During the 2004 federal election campaign, the Liberal party promised "$5 billion over the next five years, beyond funds already committed", to build a pan-Canadian child care system and 250,000 new spaces so that "more children have access to high-quality, government-regulated spaces at affordable cost to parents". The New Democratic Party platform promised $5.25 billion to provide "stable, long term federal funds to create an additional 200,000 high quality, publicly funded, affordable child care spaces within four years". The federal election has proven once again that the majority of voters and elected representatives support public spending on child care. After 11 years of numerous government promises, our children can't wait any longer. The CCAAC stands ready to work with the federal government and elected parties to fulfill its child care commitments to Canada's children and families!