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Tax cuts and promises won't build a child care system!

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Coalition of Child Care Advocates of BC
Fact sheet
Publication Date: 
1 Jun 2004

Excerpts from the document:

We think there are 3 key issues that will have an impact on our ability to move our child care agenda forward after June 28th.

It isn't popular to talk about taxes because, as we are told daily, everyone hates them. Too many of us have lost sight of the connection between the taxes we pay and the services we receive. But, as we have learned in BC, big tax cuts mean service cuts and increased user fees which impact most on low and moderate income families….If we are going to build a good publicly funded child care system in Canada, we need to understand that taxes are not always 'evil' and that sometimes it makes sense to pay for things collectively rather than individually.

As we have learned the hard way, election promises don't necessarily lead to action. In our view, maintaining a strong, independent and, when necessary, critical voice is the only way to keep elected officials accountable and to make sure that their talk is backed up by action.

We remain concerned about the lack of attention being paid to provincial accountability for potentially increased federal child care funds. We know the sad story in BC. In spite of having received $250 million in federal funding over the last 4 years, BC has cut, not increased child care funding.