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OECD thematic review of early childhood education and care: Belgium reports

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Publication Date: 
30 Nov 1999

Documents are available in print for order (see SOURCE) and online for download.

Background report (Flanders) part 1, part 2

Background report (French community) (in French only)

Country note (Flanders)

Country note (French community) (in French only)

About the OECD Thematic Review of ECEC and Belgium's participation:

Invited by the participating countries, OECD expert teams evaluate each country's policy, programs and provision for children from birth to compulsory school age. Prior to the review, participating countries publish a background report describing current policy and practice, and outline the challenges that ECEC policy faces in the coming years. After the expert review, the OECD publishes a country note that discusses the issues observed, and suggests solutions and recommendations for the consideration of the competent authorities.

Belgium was the seventh country to host an OECD review team visit as part of the first round of reviews, one week each being devoted to the Flemish and French communities. Prior to the review visits two background reports were submitted. The background report on ECEC policy in Flanders was provided by Professor Ferre Laevers and Ruth Janssens, while the background report on the French community was prepared by a working group coordinated by Dominique Barthélémy. After analysis of the reports, a review team composed of OECD Secretariat members and experts with diverse analytic and policy backgrounds visited Flanders from October 18&em;29th, 1999. The Flanders country note was published in April of 2000 and the French community country note was published in July 2000.