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Presentation to the Finance Committee: Pre-budget consultation

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Torjman, Sherri; Battle, Ken & Mendelson, Michael
Publication Date: 
27 Oct 2004

Excerpts from the presentation:

Caledon has, over the years, put forward many options for improving economic and social well-being that are described at length in various reports posted to our website. For the purposes of this pre-Budget consultation, however, we have prioritized our proposals into several key areas.

The ultimate decisions about expenditure of the surplus and associated investments should be guided by a clear set of principles. These include transparency, balance and purpose.

Our policy proposals are guided by the objectives we seek to achieve. These include: reducing poverty and gross inequalities of opportunity and outcome, ensuring the healthy development of children, and enhancing self-sufficiency by investing in human and community capital formation.

There are countless possibilities for increased spending. We have written in the past about income security, children's services, home care, affordable housing, disability supports, skills and learning, social infrastructure for cities, investments in culture and recreation, social economy initiatives and federal/provincial transfers.

For the purpose of this pre-Budget consultation, we have prioritized this long list and have selected three key areas for increased spending: child benefits, early childhood development, and home and community supports, including assistance for caregivers.