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Rural child care: We're worth it

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Strategic directions for moving ahead on a national child care strategy for rural, remote and northern communities
Rural Voices
Publication Date: 
1 Feb 2005

Excerpt from the discussion paper:

On February 7th and 8th, 2005 a national child care strategy session for rural, remote, and northern communities was held in Ottawa. The event, co-hosted by Rural Voices for Early Learning and Care and the Child Care Advocacy Association of Canada, was designed to explore a national view of childcare outside of urban communities. The goal was to develop a cohesive national voice on the child care needs of children and families living in rural, remote, and northern communities.

Fifty-two participants attended, representing providers of child care services from every province and territory, as well as representatives from relevant national organizations, federal and provincial/territorial government departments, unions, and representatives from both francophone and Aboriginal populations.The consensus voiced by these newly acquainted participants who represented very diverse interests and regions of the country was truly empowering. We bring their voice to you, the broader community, through this consultation document.

We invite you to read and respond to the document so we can continue to strengthen the voice and participation of citizens living in rural, remote and northern communities in the development of a national child care strategy.

All feedback must be provided electronically through fax, email or by completing the community feedback form on the Rural Voices website. The website address is provided at the end of this document. Community members will also have an opportunity to participate in one of four interactive teleseminars on the discussion paper.