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Moving forward on early learning and child care: Agreement-in-principle between the government of Canada and the government of Saskatchewan

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Government of Canada & Government of Saskatchewan
government document
Publication Date: 
29 Apr 2005

Excerpts from the Agreement:

The Government of Canada and the Government of Saskatchewan have developed this Agreement to articulate their shared vision for early learning and child care and to describe specific objectives and investments to achieve this vision. At the same time, Saskatchewan commits to participating with its federal, provincial and territorial partners in a multilateral process to create an overarching early learning and child care framework for all Canadians, which meets the unique circumstances and priorities of
each jurisdiction.

Saskatchewan's vision is to ensure all Saskatchewan children enjoy a good start in life and are nurtured and supported by caring families and communities. The province's
goals for early learning and child care are that:

- Children have the best possible early learning and child care experiences and
are safe and secure

- Families have support and assistance from the people and communities around
them to raise healthy children

- Families have practical solutions to the barriers they face.

This Agreement will help the province achieve these goals.

The federal budget announced that the Government of Canada is committing $5 billion nationally over the next five years. Saskatchewan will be committing all additional federal money for early learning and child care to the fulfillment of the five-year plan.

This further investment will complement existing federal and provincial investments in Saskatchewan and will support the development of regulated early learning and non-profit child care as a key element of a comprehensive approach to supporting children and families.

This initiative builds on early learning and child care investments made in Saskatchewan by the Governments of Saskatchewan and Canada and recognizes that flexibility is needed to address provincial priorities and circumstances.