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Early learning and care in the city: Update June 2005

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Cooke, Michael; Keating, Daniel & McColm, Marjorie
Publication Date: 
8 Jun 2005

Excerpts from the update report:

Early Learning and Care in the City was released to the public on September 2, 2004. Since its release and subsequent extensive media coverage, the federal and provincial governments have moved forward on plans to implement an early learning and child care system.

Early Learning and Care Update 2005 is our response to the provincial government's Best Start Plan. We applaud the new directions outlined by the Ministry and support the Minister and her colleagues as they move forward to ensure that the federal/provincial/territorial discussions result in the long-awaited early learning and care system. We also concur that this new national system must be backed by sufficient funding. In addition adequate, enforceable standards and infrastructure supports are necessary to provide public accountability and deliver on the 'QUAD' principles promising universal access to affordable, quality developmental early learning and care programs.

As we noted in our original paper, pending new public investments in this area ($5-billion over 5 years) are not enough to complete the new national system, but how the funding is spent will determine its look in the future. It is equally essential that Best Start begins with a strong policy framework imbedding the QUAD principles from the start.

The recommendations made in our initial paper stand up in this new environment. The [recommendations in this update] respond directly to the Best Start Plan and is our contribution to the ongoing consultations.