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Government of Australia 2004 census of child care services

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Government of Australia. Department of Family and Community Services
government document
Publication Date: 
29 Jun 2005

Excerpts from the summary report:

- The number of child care services increased. This growth in the number of services is reflected by an increase of 217 (8%) in the number of private long day care services, and an increase of 15 (1%) in the number of community long day care services. The number of outside school hours care services increased by 34 (just over 1%). Since the inclusion of in home care in 2002, the number of in home care services has increased by 22 (44%).

- In 2004, the average weekly fee in private long day care centres was $208, an increase from $184 in 2002. In community long day care, the average fee increased from $188 in 2002 to $211 in 2004.

- In 2004, the average weekly fee in family day care schemes (for 50 hours in care) was $185 compared to $163 in 2002.

- The average fee charged per session was $6.68 for before school care and $10.28 for after school care in 2004. This compares with $5.91 and $9.34 respectively in 2002.