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The power of positive change in partnerships: Lessons from Manitoba's child-centred public policy

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Keynote presentation to Early Childhood Educators of BC's 34th annual conference
Santos, Rob
Publication Date: 
26 May 2005

Excerpts from the presentation:

Some key ECD accomplishments in Manitoba (1999-2005):

- Child-centred government structures and mechanisms (including first Cabinet committee in Canada dedicated to children and youth)

- Child-centred community structures and mechanisms (including province-wide network of community coalitions for ECD)

- Policy integration of financial and social supports for families (including first prenatal benefit in Canada)

- Multiyear plan for universal, accessible, affordable, and high quality early learning and child care (ELCC)

- Department of Education's ECD initiative (historic first in Manitoba)

- Cabinet and community commitment to longitudinal research, evaluation, and public reporting (including phased-in, province-wide implementation of Early Development Instrument [EDI])

- New annual, cross-departmental, ECD-centred budget process

- First province to sign bilateral agreement on ELCC with Canada