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Presentations from Plan-It Quality: Environments in early learning and child care linking research to policy and practice

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Publication Date: 
4 Jun 2005

See links to individual presentations below.

Plan-it Quality was a national conference on early childhood learning and child care that provided "an opportunity to address the issue of quality in all aspects of a child's environment".

Selected presentations:

What is good daycare? A Swedish perspective
- Dr. Bengt-Erik Andersson
"In the preschool the children's understanding of democracy starts. They are given responsibility for their own acts and for the preschool environment."

Achieving multi-dimentional quality in early childhood programs
- Dr. Thelma Harms
"Quality must be defined as a multidimensional construct that meets the three basic needs of children: Protection of children's health and safety, nurturing emotional and pro-social development, and providing intellectual stimulation through play and hands-on activities."

Child care quality: How and why it matters for children's development
- Dr. Margaret Tresch Owen
"The quality of early experience matters for children's development and well-being."

Quality and predictors of quality in Canadian child care
- Dr. Gillian Doherty
"The majority of children aged 0-12 in centres receive good custodial care, [but] the majority of children aged 0-12 in centres do not receive adequate amounts or types of experiences to promote language or cognitive development."