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Moving forward on early learning and child care: Manitoba's action plan -- Next steps

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Government of Manitoba. Department of Family Service and Housing.
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Publication Date: 
12 Jul 2005

Excerpts from the action plan:

The following outlines how the Manitoba government intends to invest new federal funds over the next five years to meet the original targets set out in Manitoba's Five-Year Plan for Child Care and in the 2005 agreement in principle.

Manitoba recognizes that the foundation of a quality early learning and child care system rests on qualified and dedicated early childhood educators, and that the system must be built on this premise. To ensure this, Manitoba will take steps to stabilize its existing home-based and non-profit centre-based licensed early learning and child care system. A number of key areas will be funded to ensure existing providers can deliver high-quality, developmentally appropriate early learning and child care services. Once a solid foundation has been established, funds will go to expand and enhance Manitoba's early learning and child care system.

Manitoba's priority areas for investment:

- Workforce stabilization and development
- Sustainability of existing non-profit centres
- Affordability/accessibility of child care
- Improving quality environments
- Additional steps to enhance quality