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Educational child care act

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Quebec National Assembly. Bill 124.
Government of Quebec. Ministry of Families, Seniors and the Status of Women.
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Publication Date: 
26 Oct 2005

Excerpts from the bill:

This bill replaces the Act respecting childcare centres and childcare services.

The bill determines the conditions under which childcare centre and day care centre permits are issued and renewed by the Minister of Families, Seniors and the Status of Women, the term of such permits and the conditions under which they can be suspended or revoked. In addition, the bill requires certain day care centre permit holders to form a parents advisory committee.

As well, the bill provides for accreditation of home childcare coordinating offices by the Minister, according to certain terms and conditions. The purpose of these coordinating offices is to grant recognition to home childcare providers in the territory assigned to them and to apply monitoring measures determined by regulation.

The bill also contains control and recovery measures. More particularly, it confers inspection and investigation powers on the Minister and authorizes the Minister to place a childcare centre, a day care centre or an accredited home childcare coordinating office under provisional administration.

Lastly, the bill includes consequential amendments and transitional provisions.