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2006 Report Card on the status of women in New Brunswick

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New Brunswick Advisory Council on the Status of Women
Publication Date: 
6 Mar 2006

Excerpts from the Report Card:

The latest Report Card on the Status of Women in New Brunswick paints a picture of continued progress in some areas and of stagnation or increasing concern in others.

The Advisory Council on the Status of Women publishes the Report Card every 2 years. Five years ago, the Advisory Council revived the publication of a Report Card in order to provide the public and decision makers with an accurate reference on the status of New Brunswick women.

"There are myths out there, some about women having reached equality and others about how nothing has changed. Both are false," according to the Advisory Council chairperson Ginette Petitpas-Taylor.

"Equality is a process. Some areas have been easier to change than others. Some women are able to live in relative equality and others face age-old sexism. The Report Card points to gaps and problems &em; and success stories - that we should all know about."

New Brunswick's performance is than the Canadian average in … the salaries of child care workers [and] the availability of regulated child care spaces.