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Inclusive education: A review of programming and services in New Brunswick

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Connecting care and challenge: Tapping our human potential
MacKay, A. Wayne
government document
Publication Date: 
15 Mar 2006

Excerpts from the report:


The background research supports the view that children who attend preschool are better prepared to enter school. In particular, the research of Sharon Hope Irwin et. al.190 shows that inclusion in preschool programs better prepares students with disabilities to attend school, and better supports their inclusion in the community. The difficulties that parents of children with disabilities have in finding appropriate preschool placements is documented in the recent Participation and Activity Limitation Survey (PALS) and related studies by Statistics Canada.

Recommendation 37: Inclusive Day Care and Preschool.

The Government of New Brunswick should engage in dialogue with private day care service providers and the Government of Canada to advocate and support access to inclusive day care and preschool settings for children with disabilities in New Brunswick. New Brunswick may be able to benefit from existing and proposed day care initiatives at the federal level.