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Early childhood centres and family resilience

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Duncan, Judith; Bowden, Chris & Smith, Anne B.
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Publication Date: 
1 Dec 2005

Excerpts from the report:

The aim of this qualitative study was to determine whether families/whānau, staff from early childhood (EC) centres, and advisory support agencies perceived EC centres to be making a difference to families. It looked at the policies and strategies of EC centres that had supported family resilience and helped them to cope with challenging and stressful times. The study also examined how centres encouraged the development of social capital by helping families to establish supportive networks and relationships with other sources of support. The following research questions framed the study.

- What policies and practices are put in place in EC centres in low socio-economic areas that have a strong focus on supporting families? What goals did they have in developing supportive strategies and policies?

- How do families (including children) respond to the supportive strategies and policies of the EC centres, and do they perceive them to be meeting the intended goals?

- How do advisory support and social agencies construct the policies and practices of the EC centres? Do they perceive them to be meeting the intended goals? What is the nature of collaboration between agencies and EC centres?