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Inventory of policies and policy areas influencing father involvement

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Lero, Donna S.; Ashbourne, Lynda M. & Whitehead, Denise L.
Publication Date: 
1 May 2006

Excerpts from Section E of the report:

In this section, we are particularly interested in the degree to which our society expects mothers and fathers to play an equal role with respect to child care and parenting in family life. Because employment makes specific demands on mothers' and fathers' time, the integration of non-parental care with that of parents is integral to well-functioning families. The ways in which this integration takes place and incorporates the involvement of both mothers and fathers together with non-parental care can potentially benefit both children and their parents. Further, if the expectation is that both mothers and fathers can and do play an equal role with respect to parenting and child care at all ages, how is this reflected, supported and promoted within institutional practices in the workplace, early childhood programs and education systems, mental health and healthcare systems, and social policy?