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Open letter to the premiers

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Rothman, Laurel
Publication Date: 
21 Jul 2006

Excerpts from the letter:

We are writing to urge you to put the wellbeing of children and families in Canada at the top of your Council of the Federation agenda. More than one million children and their families still live in poverty in Canada despite prosperous times &em; that's one out of every six children (Statistics Canada. Income in Canada 2004). We can, and must, do much better. Strategies to address child and family poverty must be a significant part of your deliberations on fiscal matters and funding arrangements.

Campaign 2000 continues to urge all levels of government to live up to the 2005 agreements on Early Learning and Child Care based on the shared principles of quality, universality, accessibility and developmental programming. The availability of inclusive, high-quality, affordable ELCC services is essential if Canada is to significantly reduce child and family poverty. We urge provincial and territorial leaders to dedicate all new tax revenues from the federal Universal Child Care Allowance to expand regulated non-profit early learning and child care services.