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Child care update for the school year

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Reid, Linda
government document
Publication Date: 
12 Sep 2006

Excerpts from the letter:

Protecting our most vulnerable families is a priority. To that end, the Child Care Subsidy Program for parents will be protected and maintained by the province. As a result, those receiving subsidy will continue to receive subsidy, and the increased subsidy rate and income threshold will remain in place. In September 2005, the province increased subsidy rates to assist parents to cover the cost of child care as well as increasing the subsidy threshold from $21,000 to $38,000.

Furthermore, the $100 a month Universal Child Care Benefit which parents are now receiving will not be considered as income when determining eligibility for child care subsidy. In other words,

Despite the cancellation of the federal Early Learning and Child Care Agreement which represents a loss of $455 million in federal funding, this letter is to also reassure parents and child care providers that, in addition to maintaining the increases to subsidy over the long term, the province will endeavour to maintain all other child care services to the end of the current school year.