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Survey of Canadian attitudes towards learning: 2006

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Statistics Canada & Canadian Council on Learning
Publication Date: 
10 Oct 2006

Excerpts from key findings:

Canadians agree:

- Learning at all stages is critical to success in life.

- Parents are primarily responsible for providing early childhood learning opportunities.

- Canadians feel that governments can best facilitate early childhood learning by raising awareness regarding the importance of early childhood learning and by improving access to quality child-care services.

Parents say:

- Canadian parents think that early childhood learning should focus on attitudes&emdash;for example, on fostering a positive attitude toward learning&emdash;more so than school readiness.

- When choosing child-care services&emdash;an important context for early learning&emdash;parents feel that the quality of the caregiver-child relationship is the most important factor.

- A majority of parents feel that child-care services are underfunded.