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Child care: What Canadian parents need now

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Today's Parent, February 2007
Hoffman, John
Publication Date: 
15 Jan 2007

Excerpts from the press release: Politicians and experts have been debating for years what child care programs Canadian families need. The Liberals, under Paul Martin, had put in place the first National Daycare program. Then Stephen Harper's Tories cancelled that program and brought in his plan to offer families with children under 6 a $100 credit each month. Today's Parent decided it was time to talk with Canadian families and get some real answers on child care. Our national survey, answered by more than 5,000 parents, shows there is nothing simple about today's child care needs and that there are no easy solutions. Increasing numbers of families are finding it difficult to get, keep and pay for quality care. They're managing with a range of adaptations including heavy use of part-time care. More importantly, the wish list from parents goes well beyond the narrow choices offered by politicians. Also, there was surprising consensus between employed and stay-at-home parents as to what families really need.