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Employment developments in childcare services for school-age children

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Elniff-Larsen, Angela; Dreyling, Melissa & Williams, Jenny
Book / booklet
Publication Date: 
30 Jun 2006

Available from the European Commission.

Abstract: Childcare is moving to the forefront of social policy within the EU. Yet, in the face of increasing demand for more and better provision of childcare services, it is clear that there are huge gaps in current provision and problems in attracting people to work in this area. This report focuses on the availability and need for out-of-school care for children aged 5 to 12 years. Based on research across the 25 EU Member States, it points to the wide disparities existing in this sector across countries and the varying approaches taken by the Member States to address the issue. It reviews the current EU policy context for addressing childcare for school-age children and identifies good practice employment initiatives in the sector. Finally, it argues that improving the quality of the training and qualifications of workers is a key starting point to enhancing employment possibilities and ensuring overall quality in the sector.