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Only in B.C.

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Child Care Advocacy Association of Canada & Coalition of Child Care Advocates of BC
Press release
Publication Date: 
22 Feb 2007

Excerpts from the press release:

As many of you know, the child care situation in BC is in crisis. On Jan 5, 2007 BC announced new child care cuts of up to $35 million annually and leading to:

- Reductions in the Child Care Operating Fund (CCOF) the only direct public operating funds to licensed group and family child care programs. So fees will go up.

- A 'freeze' on provincial major capital child care funding. So wait lists will get longer.

- The end of Child Care Resource and Referral Programs that provide parent referrals and help with subsidy applications, and support caregivers. So quality and access will be eroded.

In BC, communities are mobilizing like never before.