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Prince Edward Island invests in early learning for preschool children and families

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Government of Prince Edward Island
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Publication Date: 
15 Feb 2007

Excerpts from the press release:

Premier Pat Binns today announced details of a multi-year strategic investment by the province to support early learning on Prince Edward Island.

"Research tells us that children's positive experiences in the first five years of life will have a lasting impact on later success in school, the workplace and many other aspects of life," said Premier Pat Binns. "In order for Prince Edward Island to benefit from a community of productive and caring adults tomorrow, we must invest in nurturing our young minds and supporting their families today."

The four key areas targeted by this investment will include:

1. Better Access and Affordability for child care programs - Beginning April 1, more low and middle income families will be eligible for child care subsidy, and families currently getting the subsidy will see a reduction in their (parent) contribution to child care.

2. Quality Licensed Child Care and Early Learning Environments - Government will support greater stability in the licensed child care sector by providing predictable, on-going funding.

3. Early Years Information Campaign - A campaign will be launched with a focus on the importance of the early years and how parents, care givers and communities can be actively involved in learning activities and programs (at home and in the community).

4. Research and Evaluation - Resources will be committed to collect and report data to measure how well our children are doing in areas of development and learning.