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Government invests in people who serve children, youth and families

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Government of Alberta. Children's Services
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Publication Date: 
5 Mar 2007

Excerpts from the press release:

The government will invest approximately $13.5 million annually to address the issue of recruiting and retaining qualified staff to work in day care centres and family day homes, agencies contracted by Children's Services and women's shelters.

"We've listened to the challenges employers in these areas are having recruiting and retaining staff and we've responded," said Janis Tarchuk, Minister of Children's Services. "This investment will enhance the salaries of thousands of workers and benefit all Albertans who are accessing the programs and services these staff provide."
Qualified staff are an essential component to maintaining existing child care spaces and creating new ones.

An additional $2 million will be invested this year to increase staff support funding for child care professionals working in pre-accredited and accredited child care programs, retroactive to January 1, 2007. Over 12 months this will translate into an additional investment of $7 million. This funding is in addition to Premier Stelmach's recent announcement of a $1 million investment to respond to child care needs in Fort McMurray.