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Parents and children: Still waiting for the promised child care funding

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Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care
Press release
Publication Date: 
7 Mar 2007

Link to press release no longer available

Excerpts from the press release: Parents, child care staff, and child care advocates called today for the provincial government to finally come through on its 2003 promise to fund child care. "We are still waiting," said Elizabeth Ablett, Executive Director of the Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care. "We're here today, at the site of the original announcement, to remind the Premier of his pre-election commitment - a promise that Ontario parents and the child care sector have not forgotten." The 2003 funding promise, made at Withrow Child Care Centre in Toronto in 2003, gave a ray of hope to parents, child care programs and advocates after severe cuts to provincial child care during the Harris-Eves governments. Three budgets later, the promised funds have yet to materialize, and child care programs across the province are facing the very real prospect of cuts to services, quality and in some cases, closure. …