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Family policy, social trends and fertility in Quebec: Experimenting with the Nordic model?

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Roy, Laurent & Bernier, Jean
government document
Publication Date: 
1 Jan 2007

Excerpts from the report: The Nordic countries are among those whose policies have supported fertility most effectively. This is why researchers interested in the effects of public policy on fertility focus on them. To demonstrate these effects, the Nordic countries are often contrasted with less interventionist States, for example, the Mediterranean countries. This is how more and more researchers reached the conclusion that implementing a whole set of measures for families can help along the realization of the desire to have children. The question that arises is as follows: Considering the state of development of Québec's family policy, could one expect to see Québec reach the fertility levels seen in countries with higher fertility rates such as the Nordic countries or France? Are there other conditions that must be put in place to facilitate the increase? By contrast, some wonder, on observing the fertility level in the United States, whether a family policy is really necessary. These are the main questions we have addressed in this document.