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Child care in B.C.: For the record

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Government of British Columbia. Ministry of Children and Family Development
government document
Publication Date: 
1 Jul 2007

Excerpts from the document:

Here are the facts regarding recent changes to child care in BC:

- Effective March 31, 2007, the federal government cancelled the 2005 Early Learning and Child Care Agreement, representing a loss to B.C. of $455 million over the next three years. The federal government is now flowing money directly to parents of children under six years of age through the $100 a month Universal Child Care Benefit. This is intended to offset any anticipated increases passed on to parents by child care providers.

- In the face of these changes, the Province has maintained its contribution to child care services in B.C. and maintained significant enhancements to programs that support vulnerable children and families.

- B.C. continues to provide more than $50 million annually in child care operating funding. In fact, the provincial government plans to invest $287 million for child care services this year.

- Effective July 1, 2007, the Province increased its contribution to Child Care Operating Funding Program rates for children under three years of age, thus limiting the budget reduction related to federal funding changes.