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Listening to parents of children with disabilities and special educational needs

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Listening to Families Project
Daycare Trust
Publication Date: 
29 Jun 2007

Excerpts from the report:

The aim of this study was to consult with parents of disabled children living in London, on the following:

- use of childcare for their disabled children and the factors that influence this
- experiences and perceptions of childcare
- gaps and needs in childcare provision for disabled children
- the cost of childcare for disabled children
- working, studying and childcare for disabled children

The research was carried out over a period of five months from November 2006 to March 2007 and included desk based research, a questionnaire and a series of focus groups and individual interviews.

Desk research consisted of a literature review of current research and policy on childcare for disabled children.

A questionnaire was disseminated via London branches of disability support and advocacy groups. It was also mentioned in national organisation's e-bulletins and websites and posted on the Daycare Trust website. A total of 64 completed questionnaires were returned.

Focus groups and individual interviews were conducted from January to March 2007 with parents of disabled children and workers in the field.

All parents interviewed are living in London and have one or more children with a disability or a special educational need. The types and level of disability differed, as did use of childcare.