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Towards a fairer Canada without poverty

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Speech to the Learning Enrichment Foundation
Dion, Stéphane
Book / booklet
Publication Date: 
9 Nov 2007

Excerpts from the speech:

Today I commit a new Liberal government to two important targets and two very important numbers:

Over 5 years a new Liberal government will

1. reduce the number of Canadians living below the poverty line by at least 30 per cent; and
2. reduce the number of children living in poverty by at least 50 per cent.


We will work together, respecting each of our jurisdictions, with all orders of government at the provincial and municipal level, to provide better access to services that are essential in the fight against poverty such as affordable housing, universal child care, public transit and labour market training.

Housing and universal child care are critical foundations of opportunity for low-income Canadians. Our plan will address the issues of homelessness, affordable housing and universal child care of the quality that you deliver, at [the Learning Enrichment Foundation], in your various centres.