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Today's Parent magazine

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April 2008
Publication Date: 
10 Mar 2008

Description: Today's Parent is a Canadian magazine targeted at parents. Issues the magazine covers include pregnancy, nutrition, education, development etc. In the April 2008 issue of Today's Parent there are three articles focusing on child care available online. The articles are: Report Card by John Hoffman This article discusses what has changed since a Today's Parent report three years ago on provincial, territorial and national spending on child care. - Click 'Report card'-beside 'Availability' above- to access article. Four Ideas That Could Change Child Care by John Hoffman This article discusses the expansion of child care in Canada. The four means of expansion described are: childcare and economic growth; full-day kindergarten; the Wal-Martization of daycare; and, allowances for stay-at-home parents. - Click 'Four ideas that could change child care' -beside 'Availability' above- to access article. Daycare Decisions by Tracy Chappell This article provides information on the various child care options available in Canada; centre care, home care and nanny care. - Click 'Daycare decisions'-beside 'Related links' above- to access article.