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Child care report cards

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Canadian Labour Congress
Publication Date: 
12 Jun 2008


The Canadian Labour Congress, which represents 3.2 million workers, released its report cards for nearly all of the Canadian provinces and territories, grading their child-care delivery. The union gave the federal government a failing grade for its lack of action on providing working parents with more access to affordable, quality child care spaces. All of the provinces were given Cs or Ds with the exception of Manitoba, which was given a B+. The federal government was given a grade of "incomplete."

Based on public data provided by or through governments, the report cards measure progress (or lack thereof) in three areas: 1) affordability, measured by what it costs parents to access child care services, 2) quality, measured by the salaries paid to child care staff, and 3) accessibility, measured by the creation of new public child care spaces.