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British Columbia early learning framework

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Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Children and Family Development
government document
Publication Date: 
4 Jun 2008


The British Columbia Early Learning Framework describes the vision, pedagogical principles, and key areas of learning for children birth to five years (before school entry). The framework was developed in partnership with the Ministries of Children and Family Development, Health and Education.

The document was designed to be applicable to all early learning environments, including child care, StrongStart BC programs, and any other pre-school and early childhood development or child health program. The framework was to developed to help programs build on their strengths and encourage in depth reflection on their practices and the development of children.

The framework complements and builds on the BC Program Standards for Early Childhood Settings and the Child Care Licensing Regulations that requires child care facilities to provide a comprehensive program of activities that address all areas of child development.

Document structure

Section one includes an introduction and describes the purpose of the document. It also describes the image of the child in which the framework is grounded.

Section two describes the context for the development of the framework and provides background information on how young children learn. It describes the importance of children's caregivers and environments in supporting early learning and the importance of play.

Section three contains the core elements of the framework: (a) the vision for early learning; (b) principles; (c) areas of early learning and learning goals; (d) a set of questions for each area of early learning to help the user put the framework into practice.