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The global gender gap report 2008

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Hausmann, Ricardo, Tyson, Laura and Zahidi, Saadi
Publication Date: 
31 Oct 2008

Description: The Report's Gender Gap Index ranks economies according to their gender gaps and their scores can be interpreted as the percentage of the gap between women and men that has been closed. Featuring a total of 130 countries, this year's Report provides an insight into the gaps between women and men in over 92% of the world's population. Norway (1) leads the world in closing the gender gap between men and women, according to the overall ranking in the World Economic Forum's Global Gender Gap Report 2008. Three other Nordic countries &em; Finland (2), Sweden (3) and Iceland (4) &em; also top the Report's Gender Gap Index. Previously higher ranking countries such as Germany (11), United Kingdom (13) and Spain (17) slipped down the Index but stayed in the top 20, while Netherlands (9), Latvia (10), Sri Lanka (12) and France (15) made significant gains. Canada is ranked at 31. The Canadian country profile can be found on page 61 of the report.