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Funding the future: Strategies for early childhood investment, costing and financing

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Coordinators' Notebook, No.30
Book / booklet
Publication Date: 
1 Dec 2008


Published since 1985, the Coordinators' Notebook provides a synthesis of the most recent international information on topics of interest to people concerned about the well-being of young children and their families.

This issue of the Coordinators' Notebook, prepared by the Consultative Group's Working Group for Early Childhood Investment, Financing, and Costing, addresses early childhood investment, finance and costs. It is hoped that this issue will spark an international dialogue about how to expand investment in early childhood services and improve ECCD costing and financial planning.

The Coordinators' Notebook's has the CG partner activities and international early childhood resources, and in addition, this issue of the Coordinators' Notebook is structured around three topics: promoting investment and financing ECCD; costing ECCD; and tools for financial planning.